Aerilon Colony

Original Colony Name/Associated Earth Constellation: Aries, The Ram
Demonym: Several exist though none are common. Most references use "Aerilon native" or "from Aerilon". Scholarly use is "Aerilonian".

Libra writers spell the colony's name alternately as Aerilon or Aerelon.

Aerilon Characters

Aerilon Cities and other locations

  • The city of Athena, on Aerilon, is home to the Cardelli family.
  • Hunt McCormack is from Hedge City.
  • Tashkent was the site of a miners' uprising on Aerelon.
  • J.P. Ames lists Halcyon, Chinook, Hedge City and Bywater as Leeward Coast cities, on Aerelon.
  • Fleet Station Ursula is in Aerelon space, and is the home of Deep Space Patrol Command.
  • The AerStar docking facility is an orbital platform above Aerilon.


  • The Battlestar Intrepid was built at Aerilon.
  • Aerilon has at least one ocean.
  • Xenthais Merconi went to Aerilon at age 19 to attend the Aerilon Academy.
  • Aerilon is the site of a 3K rally car race, the Sea to Sky endurance rally.
  • Patrick Cardelli flies Raptor 727 from Aerilon.
  • Clive Brown's ceremonial dagger - an Order of the Dragon artifact - was likely forged on Aerilon.

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