Alain DesChamps

Writer: RangerLord
Character Name: Alain DesChamps
Rank/Job Title: Lieutenant, Colonial Fleet, assigned to MILINT
First Appeared: Libra Episode 21 - "The Enemy of my Enemy"
Age: 32
Height: 5' 11'
Weight: 175
Description: DesChamps has the dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin common among some sectors of Aquaria's population.
Marital Status: Widowed
Colony: Aquaria

Background Info: The DesChamps family has a long history of service to the Colonial government, and the Federal Government of Aquaria. Alain was the first in several generations to choose the route of military service, inspired by stories of his great-grandfather's exploits during the First Cylon War. DesChamps has been in the Fleet nearly a decade now, joining immediately after graduating from college. He has an exemplary service record, and has specialized in Communications and Signal Intelligence throughout his Fleet career.

On Day Zero DesChamps was serving in the MILINT section aboard the Battlestar Solstice. He was among the survivors rescued by Libra SAR teams. He served as one of Rodrigues' communications officers until reassigned to Libra's MILINT section.

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