Andy Meyers

Writer: jdctexas
Character Name: Andros "Andy" Meyers
Former Profession: Captain, Colonial Heavy 691
Position: President of the Twelve Colonies
Age: 57
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175
Marital Status: Divorced
Colony: Caprica

Andy Meyers before the exodus described himself as a ‘happy overgrown bus driver’. He has worked as a ship captain for nearly twenty years, eight of them spent on Colonial Heavy 691. He was a vice president in a local captain’s union on Caprica when the cylons attacked.

During the early days of the exodus, he helped formed the Captain’s Union in the Intrepid fleet. The group worked closely with the military and the ill-fated convention.

After the events of Day 90 and the merging of the old Intrepid fleet to the Libra fleet, the union adapted to the sudden changes. New officers we elected, but Meyers remained president. As a new governmental convention moved forward, there were those who suggested that Meyers run for fleet president. At first, Andy was resistant, but was convinced to go ahead and run.

After being elected, Meyers has found himself at the center of some very hard decisions. He often quips, “Anyone want my job? Being an overgrown bus driver had better perks…”. When it comes time to make the big decisions, he listens to those around him, but Meyers makes the final call (much to the dismay of some Quorum members).

Meyers was married and divorced twice. Before the events of Day Zero, he had three children and two grandchildren on Caprica.

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