Aquaria Colony

Original Colony Name/Associated Earth Constellation: Aquarius, The Water Bearer
Demonym: Aquarian

Libra writers spell the colony's name alternately as Aquaria or Acquaria.

The native language of Aquaria Colony is represented within the Battlestar Libra story as Modern French. Many of Libra's Aquarian character's have French names, as well.

Aquarian Characters:

Aquarian Cities and other locations:

  • Cap Dejeune - home of Francois Lafitte
  • Costa Azul Celeste is a city on Aquaria, with a location known as Lighthouse Point.
  • Dauphines-sur-la-Mer, on Port Rouge - home of Josette Benoit.
  • Grecia - Applied Viral Research, Ltd, is located here (a subsidiary of Rohm Lifesciences Corporation
  • Port Rouge (or Cap Rouge, in some posts) is a district of Montvert, one of the largest islands in the northern hemisphere of Acquaria.
  • Triton City - a large metropolis, home of Marksman Rifle Works

Other Aquarian entities:

  • Camp Layton is a Marine facility on Aquaria.
  • The D’Nai Desalinization Plant is located on Aquaria.
  • InterSun Lines maintains an refit facility in geostationary orbit above Aquaria City.
  • Marksman Rifle Works, located in Triton City, is a weapons manufacturer dating to before the First Cylon War
  • The ill-fated civilian vessel Satyr belonged to Advanced BioResearch Corporation and was registered on Aquaria.
  • Pride of Aquaria was a vessel in the Intrepid Fleet.


  • Aquaria has at least one moon.
  • Aquarian "island fisherman" are similar in ethnicity to Number Eight.
  • Dr. Ralph DeValera saw action against rebels in Arza, in the Southern Arm region of Aquaria.

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