The Technology of Battlestar Libra

Part of the fun of writing science fiction is answering the question "What tech would our characters have to solve this problem?"

Collected here are brief descriptions of Battlestar Libra tech for perusal by our fans and for reference purposes for our writers. Links are provided for items which have their own wiki article.

Battlefield Computer System (Battlecomp)

A backpack-portable computing platform for electronic intrusion and countermeasures.

Dune King Desert Truck

A heavy truck optimized for desert travel.

Razorski's Electric Rifle (Razer)

A rifle-size taser designed to neutralize cylon centurions.

Wireless Combat Communications Network (PISCES)

Allows prioritized combat communications, with separate command channels and personnel locators.

Zero Atmosphere Combat Suit (ZACS)

A military pressure suit with a modular armor system, used by the Marines and SPECTRES.

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