Backpack Portable Battlefield Computer

The battlefield computer (battlecomp) is an electronic warfare platform, ruggedized for field use and hardened against electronic attacks. It allows an Electronic Warfare Specialist (often referred to as a "Falcon") to conduct operations ranging from enemy signal interception and identification to the direct access of enemy systems (hacking). A battlecomp is typically linked to a number of input devices, including helmet-mounted optic responders, VR gloves and thigh-mounted touchpads. Output is typically via an eyepiece display or full-visor heads-up display, and includes audio. While a conventional keyboard is included in the battlecomp system, it is not typically used during field operations, except while the Specialist is at a command post.

The battlecomp system includes a number of multi-purpose ports and cable attachments allowing the machine to interface physically with a large number of other systems. It also has optical and multi-channel wireless capabilities. Software includes a full library of hacking tools, firewalls, decoy programs and other electronic warfare applications. The Colonial intelligence community is constantly updating battlecomp specifications to keep the system on the cutting edge of EW technology.

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