Benito Rodrigues

Writer: Hazend
Character Name: Benito "Ben" Rodrigues
Rank/Job title: Admiral (as of day 95) / CO of the Battlestar Group Libra
Assigned: Battlestar Libra
Age: 57
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Marital Status: Widowed
Colony: Caprica

Background Info: Ben was last in a long line of Rodrigues family military members. He joined the service at the age of seventeen, training in fighter combat as a viper pilot. At the age of twenty-five Rodrigues earned the rank of Major and served with distinction as XO of the cruiser Tripoli. He assumed command of the Tripoli during an attack by the cylons during the First Cylon War after his commanding officer was killed. He managed to save the ship and come to the rescue of the Battlestar Atlantia when it came under heavy attack by cylon forces. The rescue earned him a reputation as a calm and calculating commander.

Over the years Rodrigues has commanded everything from missile cruisers to colonial battlestars. His latest assignment gave him operational control of Battlestar Group 26. His flagship is the Battlestar Libra, a top of the line Mercury Class Battlestar. The group consisted of three battlestars, five cruisers, four destroyers, and several other support vessels.

Personality: Rodrigues is well liked by the crew of the Libra. He is fair, willing to listen and non-judgemental. He also doesn't hesitate to lay down the hammer when needed. He is cool and purposeful in his approach to tactics. He moves quickly with a practiced demeanor. His crew has learned to answer his orders immediately as those orders have kept them out of trouble on more than one occassion.

Before the attacks Rodrigues was placed on the list as the fleet's newest Admiral. Unfortunately the events on the day of the attacks prevented that.

Admiral Thomas Jacobs of the Battlestar Intrepid promoted Rodrigues to Admiral on Day 95.

Military training:

  • Basic Recruit Training
  • Basic and Advanced Flight (Viper Interceptor)
  • Flight Officer's School
  • Fleet Command School
  • Fleet Officer's War College

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