Dr. Bertrand Lemonde

Writer: RangerLord
Character Name: Bertrand Lemonde, MD.
Rank: Major
Originally Assigned: Chief Medical Officer, Hospital Ship Chiron
First Mentioned: Libra Episode 22 - "A Moment of Peace..."
First Appeared: Libra Episode 36 - "Dissension"

Background: Doctor Lemonde is an extremely talented surgeon and excellent general physician. He is well-mannered and suave, and polite to a fault. Lemonde was well-to-do before the Colonies fell, leading to a question common among his crew... why was he in the military? No one has yet pried the answer out of him. Although his family carries an Aquarian surname, he is from Tauron.

Dr. Bertrand Lemonde is a character in Battlestar Libra as well as in The Deimos Incident. On Day Zero he was the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital ship Chiron and was aboard that ship when it was dispatched to K'way Tebur, Scorpia. Lemonde remained the CMO of Chiron until he was relieved of duty by Admiral Benito Rodrigues and assigned to the Libra. This was due to suspicion that Lemonde had been involved in the texa gem smuggling that allegedly involved officers of the Chiron and Bellerophon.

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