Carly Carter

Writer: RangerLord
Name: Carolyn "Carly" Carter
Profession: Rancher
Assigned: Demeter
Age: 29
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110
Marital status: Single
Colony: Oasis

Carly is the only girl in the third generation of Carters, and on Oasis she worked the ranch just like one of the boys. Carly exudes a lot of "country charm", and she had a steady stream of suitors seeking to take her away from the family ranch. Ruth Ann worried that her daughter wouldn't be satisfied until she found a man who could replace her dead father, though Carly assured her she just didn't want "one of those pale city boys".

Carly fled Oasis with her nieces, Mindy and Hannah. She initially arrived aboard the Libra and was then transferred to the Demeter because of her ranching skills.

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