115th Viper Squadron


Lost Squadron This squadron appears in the early episodes of Battlestar Libra, in posts written by Hypothetical. There is no mention of the squadron after Episode 5 - "Heart of Darkness". Hypothetical's last login at BattlestarCentral was in 2006.

Hazend has stated that Hypothetical's posts were removed from the episodes he is editing (for fanfiction.net) due to the fact they did not add to the episode and were very few in number. (11/22/2008)

Commanding Officer

  • Ingalo Rees "Slammer"

Executive Officer

  • LT Francis Bagby "Sinister" (NPC)
    • VIper MkVII DN201A
  • LT Darla MacGuniness "Lasereye" (NPC)
    • Viper MkVII DN443D
  • LT Paul Gould "Target" (NPC)
    • Viper MkVII DN901F
  • LT Geroges Brangle "Nomen" (Note 1.) (NPC)
    • Viper MkVII DN334G
  • LT Bridget Gelt "Honey" (NPC)
    • Viper MKVII DN875T
  • unnamed pilot (Note 2.)

Note 1. The Nomen are a human subspecies that appear in the original Battlestar Galactica (1978). There is no mention of them within the Re-imagined Series.

Note 2. In a post on Day 1 (Episode 3 - "Rendezvous at Ragnar"), Hypothetical states that there are seven survivors of Viper 115. They are not named in the post.

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