Colonial Conflicts

Article by GoldWolf and Raider X. Reprinted from Battlestar Central.

At various times in Battlestar Libra we have referred to different campaigns that our military characters have fought in.

Stefan and I came up with a timeline of conflicts for our canon. They're listed below, with the number of years before "now" that they happened.

Many of our military characters have fought in the same campaigns, and know each other, or know of each other, from serving together. Please add in any others I've forgotten; and also add in the names of the characters who fought in those campaigns! I'm also adding in Aquaria Knights characters, because they know/might know Libra characters.

  • Note that this list does NOT include "classified" missions.

-52 1/2 years through -40 years before Day Zero: First Cylon War. Probably involved, in some way, shape, or form any character old enough to have been a teenager or older at any time in the twelve and a half year span. Characters old enough to have been children may not have been involved, but would certainly recall it. (Rodrigues, Eleni Kyriake)

-25 years to Day Zero Various actions against Melendi’s zealots, Scorpia (Duncan, Merconi, K. Mueller, DeValera, Ross)

-24 years Deep space mining sector 8390, Sampson’s Moon pirates (DeValera, Ross)

-20 years Tauron insurgent invasion on Aerelon (DeValera, Ross)

-16 years Trangon Revolt, Sagittaron (Duncan, Razor, Ross, Lopez)

-14 years Hermedes Civil War, Libris (Duncan, Razor, Ross)

-13 years to -12 years Hashet Revolutionary Front on Tauron and Tauron’s Nessor Moon settlement—two locations, both the HRF (Duncan, Ross, Lopez)

-10 years Southern Arm Conflict, Aquaria (DeValera, Razor, Ross, Lopez) D'Nai Desalinization plant takeover (loosely linked to the Southern Arm conflict). Terrorist takeover and subsequent raid by military units (Rodrigues, Riley, Zayne, Vinoli, Barkley, Crenna, and Asanus)

-9 years Miner’s Uprising, Aerelon (Razor, DeValera, Ross, Lopez)

-6 years Melendi Uprising - Ibrahim Melendi and followers occupy El Akeem Fortress and conduct raids against Scorpian settlements on the edge of the Atenohtep Desert. Scorpia Federal Army (SFA) responds with force. (Dedrick, others?)

-5 years Kanbrah Point conflict, Canceron (Roberts, Duncan, DeValera)

-4 years Alara Islands Disputes, Sagittaron (Duncan, Razor, Roberts, DeValera, Ross, Lopez)

-4 years PLA action on Canceron (Duncan)

-3 to -2 years 600 Day War, Naxion, Virgon (Duncan, Razor, Roberts, DeValera, Ross, Lopez, Gregory)

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