Daniel Storm

Writer: jdctexas
Character Name: Daniel Storm
Rank: Captain
Assigned: MarDet Commander, Battlestar Taurus
Age: 34
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 245
Marital Status: Single
Colony: Tauron

Captain Storm is a second-generation Colonial Marine. Both of his parents served and they met while serving on Caprica. Storm grew up a ‘Marine brat’, following his parents from duty station to duty station. He was the oldest of three children. From the age of four, all young Daniel wanted to be was a Marine.

At the age of 16, he entered the Marine Academy on Picon. After four years, he graduated in the top 5% of his class. He excelled in sports, science and history during this time. Besides the basic skills a marine learns, Storm was found to have a knack for intelligence, assault planning and leadership.

Storm had progressed quickly and was on the track to make Major before his 35th birthday. Known to be a good, but tough leader, he had the respect of those he commanded…as well as those who commanded him. He performed four tours of combat duty on Sagittaron, quelling civil unrest.

On Day Zero, Captain Storm was a part of a war game that was about to start when the Cylons attacked. Battle damaged, the large troop transport performed a blind jump. After limping in space for ten hours, they were found by a heavy fleet tug and the Cloud 9 Luxury Liner, Nimbus.

After finding his senior officers dead, Capt. Storm took charge of the 1400 troops on the transport and (for the most part) kept order until they were found by the Intrepid Fleet. Storm formed the Military Criminal Investigation Team (MCIT) to help track down a rapist/murderer on the Leonis Pride (Battlestar Intrepid storyline). He was also named CO of the Marine MarDet on the Taurus, where he currently serves.

Not much has changed for Capt. Storm since meeting up with the Libra fleet, although he was happy (and relieved) to see more Marines and other survivors, in particular Col. Riley, Maj. Duncan and Gunnery Sergeant Razorski.

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