David Carter

Writer: RangerLord
Name: Warren David Carter II
Profession: Rancher/Pilot
Assigned: Battlestar Libra
Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160
Marital status: Single
Colony: Oasis

David Carter is Wayne and Lily's oldest child. As Ruth's only grandson, he is the "heir-apparent" to the Carter ranch, but though he's a capable ranch hand, he has dreams of doing something beyond raising cattle. An honor student throughout his school career, David has a strong affinity for the sciences and a love of all things that have to do with space. He is a light plane pilot, and has been licensed to fly since he was sixteen. He is named for his grandfather.

David left Oasis not only to flee the cylons, but also to pursue his wish to fly Vipers. He initially arrived aboard the Harvest Moon.

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