David Telves


Writer: jdctexas
Character Name: David Telves
Callsign: Decker
Rank/Job Title: Ensign/Viper pilot
First Appeared: Episode 21 - "The Enemy of My Enemy"
Assigned: Bellerophon (TDI), Black Crows squadron (BSL)
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157
Marital Status: Single
Colony: Leonis

Background Info: David Telves was found by the Deimos after the cylon attacks. He was a part of the BS Valkyrie viper wing before its destruction. Although he joined the Deimos, it was not really by choice… because there wasn’t second choice to pick from.

He still holds to the ideals of the Colonial military, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He graduated from the Colonial Naval Academy on Caprica a year before the attack. He was on his first ship assignment.

David’s mother was a teacher and his father was a broadcast news anchor. He had three sisters.

Character Death: During the Battle of Pythos (Day 241) Telves' Viper is struck by cylon Raider gunfire, disabling two engines. Telves ejects, but is subsequently struck by a Raider. The impact cuts Telves in half, killing him.

Further Info: (TDI) Telves was serving aboard the Battlestar Valkyrie on Day Zero. His Viper was disabled by the cylon CNP hack. Malcom McFarland, also a pilot aboard Valkyrie, rescued Telves in a malfunctioning SAR Raptor. Before they could return to their ship, the Valkyrie was destroyed. With nowhere else to turn, McFarland jumped the Raptor to Jormung Ammunition Reserve. Colonel Wallace Bisby assigned Telves to the Bellerophon.

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