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Ship Designators


  • CFV - Colonial Fleet Vessel (generic identifier applied to any Colonial Fleet vessel when the type designation is omitted.)


  • FF - Frigate
  • FFG - Guided Missile Frigate


  • DCV - Destroyer Carrier (applies to Destroyers {DD} equipped with external flight pods.)
  • DD - Destroyer
  • DDG - Guided Missile Destroyer
  • DE - Destroyer Escort
  • DDE - Destroyer Fleet Escort (applies to Destroyer Escorts {DE} with bow cannons larger than 1000 mm.)


  • CC - Cruiser
  • CCG - Guided Missile Cruiser
  • CH - Heavy Cruiser
  • CL - Light Cruiser
  • BC - Battlecruiser


  • CCL - Light Combat Carrier (applies to carriers without external flight pods.)
  • CF - Fighter Carrier
  • CFR - Fighter Carrier with expanded Reconnaissance craft detachment
  • CRL - Light Reconnaissance Carrier


  • BS - Battlestar (applies to early versions of this battlecruiser/carrier hybrid, without external flight pods.)
  • BSV - Battlestar (applies to later versions with flight pods that must be retracted for FTL jumps.)
  • BSX - Heavy Battlestar (applies to versions with fixed flight pods and forward cannon 2000 mm or larger.)
  • BSL - Light Battlestar (applies to versions with fixed flight pods and forward cannon smaller than 2000mm, overall length less than 1 km.)

Auxiliary ships

  • AH - Hospital Ship
  • AVR - Vessel Retriever
  • ASVR - Superheavy Vessel Retriever
  • AT - Tanker
  • ATR - Refinery Tanker
  • AF - Fueler (applies to refinery tankers {ATR} modified for support of long-range fleet operations.)

Support ships

  • YTB - Heavy Tug
  • YTM - Medium Tug
  • YTL - Light Tug

Including the vessel's hull number is traditional, resulting in a correct ship designation following the form: {Colonial Fleet Vessel}{Vessel Name}{Designator and Hull Number} CFV Chiron AH-14 and when naming the Class of the vessel: CFV Asclepius AH-1 Class - AH14 Chiron.

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