Eric Riley

Writer: Hazend
Character Name: Eric Riley
Rank: Colonel
Assigned: MarDet Commander, Battlestar Libra
First Appeared: Episode 1 - "From The Ashes"

Eric Riley is the commander of Battlestar Group 26's Marine Detachment. As such he has overall control of all Marine personnel within the entire battlegroup.

Riley is considered to be a father figure amongst his people. He takes the time to be sure his people are well taken care of. Having left his home under not so pleasant circumstances he understands his people's need to belong.

Riley spent the majority of his military career serving with and commanding a special operations unit for the colonial military. A veteran of numerous operations Riley is decisive and shows a particular ruthlessness when confronting enemy combatants. He is used to command and makes well informed decisions. He rarely makes a move without weighing the odds.

In addition Riley is not the type of leader who leads from the rear. Oftentimes he is in the front of the pack or commanding from the battlefield. He is not a desk jockey and will be the first to drop into a hot LZ with his people.

As the MarDet Commander, Riley oversees marines on several vessels. He encourages the individual MarDet commanders to run their own ships. He can then concentrate on the more strategic level.

He holds his officers and NCO's to the highest standard, expecting them to remember two things above all; accomplish the mission and bring their Marines home.

Riley was never married and devoted his time to the Marines after leaving home.

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