Joss Varen


Original Writer: Raygun
Character Name: Joss Varen
Callsign: "Raygun"
Rank/Job: Lieutenant/Viper pilot
Position: Squadron Commander, Zephyrs
Description: Dirty blond hair, blue eyes
Age: 35
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 156
Colony: Scorpia

Background: Varen was born on Scorpia in the capital city. His parents were freighter crew members and Varen spent a lot of his childhood in space. He joined military at the age of 18 and trained to be a Viper pilot. His first assignment was a test pilot on Caprica, where he became test squadron leader. During a mission a pilot under his command was killed.

Two years before the cylon attacks he was assigned to Delphinus, in Battlestar Group 26. On Day Zero he managed to land aboard the Douglas J Griffyn and thus escaped death.

Personality: Level headed and cool during combat, though the memory of the ill-fated mission on Caprica still haunts him and he fears losing another pilot.

Character Death: On Day 281 Varen was conducting a Search and Destroy mission against a cylon resurrection ship, flying one of the Libra's few StealthStars. After his nuclear anti-ship missile failed to detonate Varen engaged the ship with guns. Raiders were launched from the resurrection ship's escorts. Varen fought until he was out of ammunition. Shrapnel from the last Raider he destroyed pierced his cockpit canopy and lacerated his shoulder. Bleeding out, he flew his StealthStar into the resurrection ship's engine cluster, rendering it unable to leave. It was subsequently destroyed by the Fleet.

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