Original writer: Silon
Current writer: RangerLord
Character name: Kalrk
Rank/Job title: Captain (civilian)
Apparent Age: 37
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Description: Chiseled. The man is chiseled, likely from extensive body building and toning.
Claimed Colony of Origin: Saggitaron

Kalrk is a biological cylon, the founder of the electronics firm K Industries (pre-holocaust), and a hero of the Battlestar Libra fleet. Although his place in the cylon numeric progression has not been revealed, there is conjecture that he may be a surviving copy of Number 7: Daniel.

Several Kalrks have appeared in Battlestar Libra, including works in the Libra Anthology. The first copy helped to defend the newly-formed fleet at Ragnar, despite the later revelation that he had been initially dispatched by the cylons themselves to assist in the Cylon Genocide. He departed the fleet with the neo-Cylon Psyche D'Argent, whom he had taken as his wife and was carrying his child at the time of their departure.

The second copy appeared after the first left, and claimed to be the Kalrk who founded K Industries. His tale included having stashed supplies and equipment in preparation for the holocaust, which he felt was inevitable. He had designed his personal starship, Mercurius, to query any Kalrk who boarded with a code question, and if an incorrect response was received that Kalrk model would be reprogrammed. This second copy claimed that such reprogramming had been done to the first Kalrk, resulting in his antipathy toward other cylons and his acts of protection toward the humans.

A third copy of Kalrk was encountered by Admiral Rodrigues' covert ops team on Thanatosos. This copy was shot and killed by the team's sniper.

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