Karl Vansen

Original Writer: SilverLantern
Character Name: Karl Vansen
Rank/Job title: Commander/ CO of Perseus
Age: 42
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195
Marital Status: Divorced
Colony: Caprica

Background: Karl Vansen joined the service at the age of eighteen, training in fighter combat as a viper pilot. By twenty-five Vansen earned the rank of captain and was appointed CO of a viper squadron aboard the destroyer Michael R Sphynx . At the age of 30, he was transferred to the battlestar Atlantia, as a squadron CO. Then at 33, he was promoted to Major, and CAG. When he was 38, he was promoted to Colonel and transferred back to Sphynx as XO, and one year later, he was appointed CO of the destroyer. One year later, at age 40, he was transferred to the battlestar Libra as XO.

It was the military’s intent to promote Vansen from Colonel to Commander, and from XO to CO of a battlestar, but the cylon attacks ruined that plan.

Vansen is an “easy going” officer. He doesn’t bark orders, and he doesn’t flaunt his authority. He is a straight shooter, who tells it like it is, however. He’s very approachable and mingles well with his crewmates.

On Day 114, Admiral Benito Rodrigues promoted Vansen to Commander, and transferred him to the post of Commanding Officer of the destroyer Perseus.

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