Kristen Bui


Writer: RangerLord
Character Name: Kristen Bui
Callsign: Moonlight
Original Job title: Raptor pilot, Arrow Four
First Mention: Libra Episode 7 - "Unleash the Dogs of War"
Current Rank: Lieutenant, Colonial Fleet
Assigned: Chiron, Medevac Raptor pilot
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110
Marital Status: Single
Colony: Aquaria

Bui's first actual appearance in Battlestar Libra is in Episode 19 - "Courage and Glory" - where she is seen flying "Raptor 821" on Day 89 during the battle in which the Intrepid is destroyed. In Episode 20 - "Acceptable Risk" - she is the pilot of Raptor Arrow Four. In Episode 24 - "Retribution" - Bui is transferred to Chiron to administrate Support Services (a decision made by writer SonofTed). In Episode 35 - "The End of Innocence" - it is revealed that Bui convinced CPT Nathan Santana to allow her to return to piloting, and she now flies one of Chiron's Medevac Raptors.

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