Lane Azmos

Writer: jdctexas]
Character Name: Lane Azmos
Rank/Job Title: Major, Chief Engineer, Taurus
First Appeared:
Age: 39
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Marital Status: Single
Colony: Leonis

On Day Zero, Lane Azmos was the Assistant Chief on the Battlestar Scorpius with then Chief Engineer (Major) Dean Wilson. He also served as a team member that brought the Taurus back to life.

When Dean Wilson was promoted to XO position, Azmos was the natural choice to be the chief engineer. Through hard work and occasionally picking the brain of his mentor (Wilson), The 'Bull' was soon raging in space again.

Growing up, Lane was always interested in all thing mechanical. His father was an pro-am race car driver that spent his weekends in the summer racing at small regional tracks. By the age of eleven, he was welding and repairing the family racer.

Upon graduating from school, Lane spent three years in the Colonial Merchant Marine before going into the navy. His first duty station was on board the Destroyer Alexander I. Lesvos. There he met then-lieutenant Dean Wilson, the ship's #3 engineer. When Wilson became chief engineer years later on the Lesvos, he made Lane his assistant chief. As Wilson made his way to other ships, he found ways to convince the ship captains to get Azmos transferred as well.

Lane was never married and has no children. On Day Zero, his parents and two sisters were killed by a nuke that hit the capital city of Leonis.

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