Name: Libra
Type: Battlestar
Class: Mercury
Designator: BSX

The Libra is a Mercury-class battlestar and the flagship of Battlestar Group 26. Commanded by Benito Rodrigues, the Libra and the remaining elements of her battle group lead a fleet of refugee ships on a quest of survival in the fanfiction epic that carries her name.

The Libra is approximately 1,790 meters in length, with a crew capacity of 2,500. Her weaponry includes 30 twin-barrel KEW turrets, heavy bow-mounted cannons, conventional and nuclear ship-to-ship missiles, and planetary strike nuclear missiles. The Mercury-class battlestar can accommodate 50 Raptors and 200 Vipers, although the Libra does not have a full complement of these support craft.

Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

Officer of the Deck, Tactical Officer

  • Philip Hastings, Captain

Commander, Marine Detachment

Commander, Air Group

Embarked Air Wing

Commander, Military Intelligence

Chief of the Deck

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