Luther Bragg

Writer: RangerLord
Character Name: Luther Bragg
Original Rank/Job Title: Chief of Neurosurgery, Satyr
Current Job Title: Crime boss
Ship of Residence: Nimbus
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 155
Description: Bragg is average height and slender, with dark brown hair and green eyes.
Marital Status: Single
Colony: Aquaria

Background Info: Bragg excelled in school throughout his early and intermediate education, and was considered a prodigy in medical school. He specialized in neurosurgery, and finished his MD degree at an astonishing 24 years of age. Although many assumed he would complete a residency at a public hospital and go on to become a famous surgeon, Bragg instead disappeared into the murky world of corporate medical research. Employed by Advanced BioResearch Corporation, Bragg was appointed as Chief of Neurosurgery aboard the research cruiser Satyr approximately two years before Day Zero.

When the Satyr was sabotaged and crashed on NGC 14246-II, Bragg was one of the few survivors. Upon his rescue by the Libra fleet he passed himself off as a simple medical orderly, assisting Robert Rand. He took quarters aboard the Nimbus and quickly established himself as a broker of illegal deals, an activity which he built upon to become the de facto criminal boss of the passenger liner.

Known Associates

  • Toni Seda
  • Doctor David Ekstrom, Discovery
  • Tarran Brown, security officer, Nimbus
  • Colt, troop, Nimbus
  • unidentified female, troop, Nimbus
  • John Dickson
  • Brian McMartin, computer maintenance technician, Nimbus

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