Dr. Nathan Santana

Original Writer: SonofTed
Current Writer: RangerLord
Character Name: Nathan Santana, PhD., MD.
Rank: Captain
Assigned: Commanding Officer, Hospital Ship Chiron
First Appeared: Episode 14 - "Sixteen"

Background: Doctor Nathan Santana was originally a civilian medical researcher aboard the Iasoan. In Episode 15 - "Before the Storm", it was revealed that 12 years earlier Santana had served as a Marine field medic deployed on Canceron. No details were given regarding his discharge. In Episode 16 - "We the People", Santana petitions then-Commander Benito Rodrigues to be commissioned again as a medic (Day 75). Rodrigues instead offers him a commission as a Captain and assigns him as a Doctor aboard the Libra.

After the Chiron was recovered, Santana was among those who volunteered to serve as the vessel's commanding officer. He was granted that assignment circa Day 95.

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