Oasis Colony

Oasis is a terrestrial planet located relatively close to the Twelve Colonies. It is a young world, geothermally active, with an indigenous flora and fauna typical of the Pleistocene Epoch on Earth. In addition to the large mammals typical of this Epoch, Oasis is also home to a reptilian apex predator which the locals have named Dragons.

Like the Algae Planet from the Battlestar Galactica episode "The Passage", Oasis was visited by the Thirteenth Tribe during their exodus from Kobol. Indications of this extended visit include a walled city with three immense stone pyramids nearby.

Shortly before the First Cylon War, an expedition led by Franklin Lathrop departed the Twelve Colonies on a search for Earth. This expedition encountered Oasis less than a year after their departure. When the majority of the settlers decided to remain on Oasis, a mutiny occurred and Lathrop was killed, ending the dream of finding Earth held by Lathrop and his followers.

When the Battlestar Libra discovered Oasis, the descendents of the original expedition comprised a colony of some 60,000 humans occupying the ancient city and the surrounding countryside. Libra's arrival resulted in the cylons discovering the colony. Unable to defend the colony against a full scale cylon onslaught, the Libra departed, taking along about 6,500 Oasian refugees.

Oasis System:

  • Star - spectral class F7V yellow-white dwarf (main sequence)
  • Wao'one - hot rockball
  • Oasis - habitable, 63% of surface covered by water
  • Asteroid belt
  • Holoholona - gas giant
  • Ningen - superjovian gas giant
  • Moana Honua - blue hydrogen gas giant
  • Keiki - near dwarf planet

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