Combat Communications Network


PRIORITY-INTEGRATED SMART COMMUNICATION SYSTEM: PISCeS is a wireless communications networking system with integrated prioritization, encryption/decryption, and smart transmission handling. It allows the Colonial warrior complete control over the communications being transmitted and received, enhancing their ability to comprehend a chaotic battlefield situation and react appropriately.
PISCeS Features:

  • Full-duplex communications system compatible with standard IFF transmitters.
  • Each user is uniquely identified including their Rank and Unit and their transmissions automatically identified to the reciever via eyepiece or HUD.
  • Received transmissions are automatically prioritized based on the Rank of the transmission's originator, allowing command broadcasts to override troop chatter.
  • SmartChannel (c) technology routes 'chatter' to IFF-indentified friendlies within a configurable transmit range.
  • Touchpad PTT (push-to-talk) system can be glove- or gun-mounted to facilitate easy access to channel selection and transmission activation.
  • Channel selection fully integrated into standard battlefield HUD systems and is usable by both touchpad and voice-recog systems interchangeably.
  • Transmissions are stored in a high-speed memory buffer and delivered according to a configurable priority list. High priority transmissions are heard in real-time, while buffered communications are replayed in priority order.
  • Buffer capacity under typical combat conditions will store 3 to 5 minutes of communications. Each system is expandable, allowing officers and non-comms to add additional buffer capacity.
  • Standard interface allows connection to current model battlefield computer systems for nearly unlimited buffer capacity and on-the-fly configuration changes.
  • System enhancements such as Voice2Text(c) are available for HUD and eyepiece

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