Picon Colony

Original article by RaiderX. Based in part on "The Twelve Colonies of Kobol" by Jane Espenson (map detail).

Original Colony Name/Associated Earth Constellation: Pisces, the Fish
Demonym: Piconese or (less favored) Piconian.

Population: 1.4 billion
Patron God: Poseidon
Capital: Queenstown
Places of Interest: Colonial Fleet Headquarters, Penrose Harbor
Pyramid Team: Picon Panthers (Perkinston)
Publications: Picon Star Tribune

Piconian Characters:

Description: Picon is a turquoise planet, containing almost 75% water, and famous for its harbors and beaches. During the piconian summer, the planet would often be used as a substitute for Caprica City in Caprican films and TV series. The mild summer climate and seemingly endless beaches attracted thousands of tourists each summer.

During the planet's off-season, most of the landscape became cold and rugged with plenty of snow in higher terrains. The Piconians used their planet's ambivalence and established several large winter sports resorts as well, attracting tourists from the other eleven colonies not only during the summer season but also during the Piconian winter.

Piconian architecture has developed significantly over the last centuries. While newer buildings rise to heights of more than 80, 90 or even 100 floors, more traditional buildings show a uniquely Piconian "pagoda-style".
Among the Colonies, Picon is often credited with the most efficient, cooperative and responsive democracy in the colonies.

Piconian Cities:

Queenstown: The capital city Queenstown started as a relatively small fishing village several hundred years ago. It only became the planetary capital a century ago. Queenstown is located on the mountainous eastern shore of Picon's only 'continent' and, after the Unification, became the seat of the Colonial Fleet's headquarters. The following influx of Colonial officers and their families bolstered the number of inhabitants so much that Queenstown soon became the largest city on Picon.

Queenstown is also the home of Picon's sole University, Helicon University, located just a few miles inland on the slopes of one of Picon's highest mountain, the 5,738 ft high Mount Helicon. The Helicon University Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in all Twelve Colonies and some of the colonies' most gifted surgeons studied at Helicon.

Perkinston: This is Picon's second largest city and home of the famous Penrose Harbor, one of the planet's most popular tourist attractions. Penrose Harbor is a branching marina located south of Perkinston's main harbor and offers a beautiful view of the city, especially at sunset.

Perkinston is also the home of the Picon's pyramid team, the Piconian Panthers.

Paylin: The City of Paylin, located on the island of Muritolan south of the main continent is not only one of the three largest cities on Picon, but also home of several large scientific enterprises and laboratories. One of them are the famed Picon Laboratories that provide medical supplies to the Colonial Fleet, like the Hemostatik-A cauterizing agent, for example.

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