The Quorum of Twelve

From the Battlestar Wiki: The Quorum of Twelve is a unicameral deliberative body that grants each of the Twelve Colonies one elected representative, who votes on and brings issues to be discussed. The scope of these issues, in the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, is likely to be quite broad due to the lack of any other organized political bodies.

In practice, the Quorum is the counterpoint to the President of the Twelve Colonies. While the executive branch has great power, the Quorum likely needs to ratify all laws devised by the president and the cabinet. It is also able to veto presidential provisions.

The Quorum was instituted by the Articles of Colonization 52 years prior to the fall of the Colonies.

In Battlestar Libra the Quorum districts are established by ship:

Quorum Delegate: Kalrk
Quorum Delegate: Corinna Harrison
Quorum Delegate: James Morris
Quorum Delegate: Patrick Greene
Quorum Delegate: Grover Baccus
Quorum Delegate: Angela Hanson

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