Razorski's Electric Rifle

alternately Rifle-Tazer

The RAZER resembles a sawn-off double-barreled shotgun, and has little recoil so it can be hip- or shoulder-fired. It holds six reusable ‘rounds’; each round is two electromagnets with thirty-seven foot trailing wires. A trigger pull deploys the magnets and wires from the two barrels; once they made contact, the electric charge is sent down the wires, a voltage high enough (according to Libra R&D scientists) ‘fry’ a Centurion. As soon as the circuit is completed on the target, the attached ends of the wires are released and the weapon is ready to be fired again.

The batteries that supply the electric charge are encased in the butt of the weapon, and can effectively fire twenty-four rounds before needing to be recharged. Razorski and her Marines have test-fired the razers and found that much to be true; and also that the weapons were more accurate than many of them had expected.

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