SPECTRE: Special Tactics and Reconnaissance

When the rogue destroyer Deimos was integrated into the Libra fleet, the new personnel included approximately two hundred Scorpian mercenaries. Many of these mercs swore their knives (their allegiance) to Marine Major Scott Duncan, due to his Scorpian I'rin clan background. In answer to the question of what to do with these trained fighters, the SPECTRE force was created. Analogous yet separate from the Marine RECON force, the SPECTRES serve as the elite troops of Libra's battle group.

Character roster:

1st Special Tactics and Reconnaissance Company

  • Commander --- Maj Scott Duncan/Kyan S’Vekar (Ruaidri)
  • Exec --- 2Lt Josef Morgan/Suyain S’Zarfi (Zarfiri)
  • First Platoon, total number (as of Day 278) = 36
  • NCOIC --- Sgt Anna Harris/Anya S’Arana (Zarfiri)
    • Sgt Havin S’Msen (Zarfiri)
    • Cpl Levy S’Intes
    • Cpl Lukas Berzai (special duty as a sniper spotter)
    • Cpl Luke S’Ler
    • Cpl Michelle Lasky
    • Cpl Thomas Ransler
    • Cpl Tylie S’Naur
    • LCpl Tavin S’Ri
    • LCpl Timothy Brown
    • PFC Heather S’Warna
    • PFC Michael S’Choll
  • Second Platoon, total number (as of Day 278) = 36
  • NCOIC --- Sgt Mihe S’Rimald
    • Sgt Mike S’Yon
    • Cpl Gelvik Baker/Gelvik S’Aladren
    • Cpl Jaamet Algashi/Jaamet S’Tavro
    • Cpl James Widener/James S’Wideni
    • Cpl Jason S’Faridaki
    • Cpl Sebbe Johnson/Sebbe S’Jur
    • LCpl Haval S’Karni
    • LCpl Jery Griffin/Jery S’Grifilsa
    • LCpl Tara S’Tolej
    • PFC Kristopher Warren/Kristof S’Warn (medic, blinded(?) “Fleet Action”)
    • PFC Mark Gelina/Mark S’Glina (Marabaki)
    • PFC Jon S’Tarren
  • Others:
    • PFC Suzanne Spruill/Hadissa S’Kira (originally Eaglestar51)

  • KIA:
    • Harry Launders/Hadan S’Kafai, Nauri
    • Reid S’Wend, Gureni
    • Cambric S’Leren, Marabaki
    • Zatiel S'Jalah
    • Danita S’Havarin, Etheni (KIA, Pythos)
    • Waler S’Jural, Stavadri (KIA, Pythos)
    • Lishan S’Yur, Nauri (KIA, Pythos)
    • Reid S’Wend, Gureni (KIA, Pythos)
    • Cambric S’Leren, Marabaki (KIA, Pythos)
    • Zatiel S’Jalah, Malaxi (KIA, Pythos)
    • SGT Jassan S’Barad, Lorokari (KIA, Pythos)
    • LCpl Bryan S'Gess (KIA, "Fleet Action")
    • LCpl Nancy Erane (KIA, "Fleet Action")
    • CPL Darren S'Bec (KIA at Camp Blue Sky)
    • LCpl Tommy S'Alad (KIA, "Fleet Action")

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