Scorpia Colony

Original Colony Name/Associated Earth Constellation: Scorpio, the Scorpion
Demonym: Scorpian

Battlestar Libra probably diverges from Battlestar Galactica canon more on the subject of Scorpia Colony than any other. The Battlestar Wiki describes Scorpia as "known for its lush jungles and hot temperatures (TRS: 'The Plan')".

In Battlestar Libra, Scorpia is a world of vast deserts and verdant coastal regions. In addition to the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards, there is also a Colonial Fleet medical campus located in the city of Theseopolis.

The deserts of Scorpia are home to the I'rin clans, tribes of nomads who exist beyond the control of the colony's government. The clans speak a language known as I'rishee (represented by the real world language *Hausa*). They have a tradition that the clans were on Scorpia before the Colonials arrived at the Twelve Worlds from Kobol.

Scorpian Cities

Theseopolis - The only major city to have been mentioned in Battlestar Libra, Theseopolis is the ground-based headquarters of the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards, as well as home to a military medical campus which includes a Scorpia Federal Army hospital and Fleet Hospital Stonehorse. Theseopolis is a modern city whose center includes skyscrapers of 100+ floors and affluent residential neighborhoods on the hillsides overlooking the sea.

Ariadne, Government seat of Ariadne Province.

Hasariah City - This small city lies in an area known as the Borderlands, on the edge of the Southwest Atenohtep Desert.

Helike - Coastal city, lying in the path of annual typhoons.

K’waryi – A small city near the Northern Atenohtep Desert

Scorpian Deserts

Atenohtep Desert

Central Gharayuef Desert

Southern Bastet Desert

Scorpian Landmarks

El Akeen Fortress — An ancient structure in the Borderlands. Ibrahim Melendi’s group took it over 6 yrs before the Cylon attacks.

K’ofa Mumit – the Gate to Hell, deep in the Atenohtep Desert.

Nakshi’iska’a – Land of Living Wind.

Strakis Skorpeois – Literally, the Shell of the Scorpion. Often called the “bones of the earth” by the I'rin clans. Not far from Theseopolis.

Turb'aya Daji – a sandy wasteland.

Scorpian Characters

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