Battlestar Libra:

Ships of the Fleet

Military Ships

This page is a listing of capital ships. For light craft, go here.

Civilian Ships

  • Currently Still in the Fleet
    • Astral Dawn, Astral Queen type passenger liner
    • Catalina, Cloud Nine type luxury liner
    • Colonial Fueler N7589V, Fleet Tanker
    • Colonial Heavy 691, InterSun passenger liner
    • Colonial Heavy 941, InterSun passenger liner
    • Demeter, Agro cargo freighter
    • Discovery, Research vessel - converted InterSun ring liner
    • Dionysus (fka Hydrus), Botanical cruiser
    • Grandeur, InterSun ring liner
    • Hades Horn, Mining platform
    • Harvest Moon, Agricultural Science Station
    • Heracles, FTL-capable heavy tug
    • Highlands Dawn, Astral Queen type passenger liner
    • Iasoan, Research cruiser
    • Lycanthrope, ex-military Jumpstar Corvette
    • Necromancer, Refinery vessel
    • Nimbus, Cloud Nine type luxury liner
    • Pan Galactic Flight 76, Pan Galactic passenger liner
    • Scorpion Mining 742, Mining platform
    • Terpsichore, armed private yacht
    • FTL-capable Heavy Tug No. N741A
  • Departed, or Missing - Presumed Destroyed
    • Pan Galactic 402, passenger liner (destroyed by cylons, Evacuation of Oasis)
    • Ensiferum, Light freighter (confirmed destroyed)
    • Mercurius (departed)
    • Morning Angel, InterSun passenger liner (missing, presumed destroyed)
    • Outpost 29, CSEA research outpost (abandoned Day 36)
    • Palatine, Cloud Nine type luxury liner (missing, presumed destroyed)
    • Sundog, University of Caprica research vessel (confirmed destroyed)

Vessels and Stations encountered during our stories:

  • Battlestar Intrepid, flagship of another fleet of survivors
  • Ajax, battlecruiser, "The Aeolus Incident" (Libra Anthology)
  • Amaryllis, a hybrid troop transport, destroyed by cylons on Day 2 (TDI)
  • Dagger, a Jumpstar Corvette, grounded on Oasis Colony, used as a power station
  • Herodotus, a light reconnaissance carrier, target of a salvage mission by the Tauranian Titan (TDI)
  • Heron, a captured Colonial Frigate used by the Cylons as a decoy trap
  • Jormung Ammunition Reserve, also known as Jormung Anchorage, this is a sister station to the incomplete armory at Ragnar.
  • Lancer, Alicta-class destroyer, "The Aeolus Incident" (Libra Anthology)
  • Manticore, Alicta-class destroyer, "The Aeolus Incident" (Libra Anthology)
  • Outpost 29, a deep space observation and stellar cartography station operated by the CSEA.
  • Pleiades, an armed freighter, a remnant of the "Ghost Fleet" left behind by the Pegasus
  • Patrocles, a Titan-class Frigate, destroyed by Scorpian "Disavowed" mercenaries
  • Sarpedon, a Bolitho-class Corvette, "The Aeolus Incident" (Libra Anthology)
  • Satyr, a medical research vessel, crashed on the planet designated as "Trap2"
  • Scorpia Shipyards, a Colonial Fleet orbital construction and repair platform
  • Sextant, a modified InterSun ring liner, used by Franklin Lathrop as a colony ship

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