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The Deimos Incident

The Deimos Incident is a Battlestar Libra tale that follows the Destroyer Escort Bellerophon from before Day Zero until the warship joined the Battlestar Libra fleet on Day 92 (Libra Episode 21: "The Enemy of my Enemy"). It is an ongoing project of Libra writers GoldWolf and RangerLord. .

TDI Episode 1, "Descent into Darkness" was published on Battlestar Central on April 18, 2012. Approximately 10 more episodes are planned.

  • SYNOPSIS: The first episode of The Deimos Incident begins when Nikol S'Jahar is assigned to the Marine detachment on board the frigate Patrocles. The frigate departs with the Bellerophon, Tauranian Titan and Distant Sun to attempt to salvage a Colonial reconnaissance carrier in hostile space, and encounters the civilian medical research vessel Satyr. Meanwhile the hospital ship Chiron is sent on an ersatz humanitarian mission, and ends up with 200 Scorpian Disavowed mercenaries on board.

TDI Episode 2, "Thieves in the Night" was published on Battlestar Central beginning on July 7, 2013.

  • SYNOPSIS: The remnants of Battlestar Group 62 have assembled at Jormung Anchorage. With their flagship Pegasus missing, Colonel Wallace Bisby of the Patrocles takes command and plans to carry the fight to the cylons. The tiny fleet resupplies from the stores on the Anchorage. Robert Rand warns of cylon collaborators aboard the armory station, but keeps the Satyr's dark secret from being revealed. Jormung fends off a small cylon force, and Bisby launches his first counterstrike against the cylons.

TDI Episode 3, "Know Thine Enemy" is the current episode and began July 14, 2015.

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