Zero Atmosphere Combat Suit

ZACS with modular armor

The Zero Atmosphere Combat Suit is a protective device worn by the Colonial Marines to facilitate their ability to fight in the vacuum of space. The main component is a pressure suit with an integrated helmet that serves as self-contained life support at pressures below Colonial normal, down to zero atmosphere. The suit also functions in a limited over-pressure range up to 2 atmospheres, as well as providing protection in corrosive environments up to Class IV. The ZAC suit includes a system which senses loss of integrity and constricts the suit above the affected area. This system is moderately effective for mitigating loss-of-pressure events.

The ZAC suit also includes a modular armor system which allows a Marine commander to tailor troop protection according the assessed threat level of the combat theater. Additionally, the ZAC suit supports most essential battlefield hardware, including helmet heads-up displays and the PISCES Marine combat communications net.

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