Skyrim Creation Kit:

Dwemer Steam Centurion Ambush


This article is about how to implement the Creation Kit item identified as DweCenturionAmbush01, the Dwemer Centurion Ambush "furniture" object. This object has its own directory in the CK Object Window: WorldObjects/Dungeons/Dwemer/Animated/DweCenturionAmbush. The easy way to locate it, of course, is to select **All in the Object Window and simply type the object name into the filter.

Here's how to implement this piece:

  1. Drag and drop the "furniture" object DweCenturionAmbush01 into the Render Window. You may want to right click and select Edit, then move to the Scripts tab and verify that the script dweSteamCenturionStructureScript is present. All Properties of this script may be left at their default settings.
  2. Drag and drop a LvlDwarvenCenturionAmbush object into the Render Window. (Alternatively, you may use EncDwarvenCenturionAmbush. This article will use the leveled version.) Right click and Edit the object. On the Scripts tab, verify that the masterambushscript is present. Highlight it and click Properties, then set the Property ambushOnTrigger to TRUE. Select the LinkedRef tab and create a linked reference to the DweCenturionAmbush01 object. This will cause your Dwemer Centurion to be loaded into the Ambush Structure (and means that where you actually place the Centurion is irrelevant).
  3. Select the point in your dungeon where you want the player to trigger the Centurion and click that area to highlight it. Then, on the Creation Kit toolbar click the button which is marked by a cube with a letter "T" (tooltip reads "Create Trigger"). In the Select Form window type "self" into the filter and then select defaultActivateSelfTRIG. This creates a triggerbox which merely activates itself when the player enters. Check the bounds of your triggerbox to ensure that the player will hit it when you want. You may select the Script tab and verify that the script defaultActivateSelf is present; leave all of its properties at their default value. You may also select the Primitive tab and verify that the Collision Layer is set to L_ACTORZONE. The Player Activation checkbox should be un-checked.
  4. Now return to your LvlDwarvenCenturionAmbush object and select it, then choose Edit. On the ActivateParents tab create a new reference that points to the triggerbox. Since the triggerbox activates itself, this will now carry over and activate the Centurion.

You now have a working Centurion Ambush which will activate when the player enters your triggerbox!

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